Odyssey BANNER

Translations of the Odyssey in 24 official languages of the European Union will be exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art in Ljubljana from 14 to 23 November 2014.

A travelling exhibition of the Odyssey in 24 official languages of the European Union was initiated by the Field Offices of Directorate-General for Translation of the European Commission. The exhibition started its tour in May. Before the end of this year it will visit a number of capital cities of Europe, accompanied by various cultural events. The Odyssey in modern translations reminds us both of our common European heritage and of the linguistic diversity of the European continent. Cultural diversity and multilingualism are values defining the European Union from its beginnings and represent one of the cornerstones of integration. The 10th anniversary of EU membership celebrated by Slovenia and nine other countries in 2014 is thus an opportunity to appraise the contribution of languages and literatures of those countries, including translations of Homer and other works of Graeco-Roman antiquity, to Europe as a cultural unity.

The specific focus of the events taking place in Ljubljana in November is symbolically linked to Odysseus’ journey from Greece to Italy, the two countries holding the presidency to the EU in 2014. The international symposium The Odyssey Between Greece and the Latin West and the presentation of the Latin translation of the Odyssey by the Renaissance scholar Andreas Divus from Koper will invite the visitor to reflect on the contribution of authors, scribes and translators who transmitted the poetic wealth of the poem to medieval Europe, to the European Renaissance and to the modern world.